Sunaina : Indore Escort Rates

Here in Indore, there are many independent escorts who respect to customers and take him like god and for the same they expect from you. Charges of every escort is same and services are really good cause it a reason behind our success rate. Indore escorts are quite shy and beautiful in nature and they also wish to get good money in exchange of their feelings.

All service charges are fixed and non-negotiable so kindly do not ask for any kind of discount. Day and night charges are separately described here.


INR 20,000

Hire me for 1 hour and 1 shot at 10,000 INR.

INR 30,000

Hire me for 2 of hours and 2 shots at 30,000 INR.

INR 45,000

Hire me for over night at 45,000 INR.